Bad Grade

Sri Lanka is set to score very low in a second review of the peace process by the international donor community set for January 23.
The first review in September 2003 pleased donors, who, at the June Tokyo donor confab tied US$ 4.5 billion in aid to progress with the peace process. rn

rnCabinet Spokesperson Prof., G L Pieris said on Friday that an unfavourable report will slow down aid flow and disrupt plans set out in the 2004 budget, including investment in infrastructure projects. rn

rnProf. Pieris said that the 2004 budged took for granted the monies pledged at the Tokyo conference. rn

rnThe government was expecting receive close to US$ 1 billion by end 2003, but fell short of that target due to the political impasse. rn

rnThe international community, since the November political row, have continued to impose pressure on Sri Lankas political leaders to resolve their differences and secure the peace process immediately. rn

rnHowever, a failure by the President and the Prime Minister to fi

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