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Baddegama II

Last year alone, severe drought and floods hit the Southern Sri Lanka alternatively leaving many families homeless and poor.rnBut for the villages in the Hambantota district these conditions are a part of their lives.rn
The district has to also deal with issues like economic migration, malnutrition, unemployment and diseases, a direct result of the arid weather.rn

rnWijeweera, a coconut planter down Hambantota is weighing his options whose four-acre coconut plantation was completely destroyed by the prevailing drought.

His wife now walks three miles in search of water to drink.

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He used to make over Rs. 4000 a month before the long drought.

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But for the last two years, he has been unable to make money by farming.

He is trying out small crops of peanut and corn but doesnt want to pin too much hope on them and is depending on Rs.

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500 a week he gets through the Samurdhi scheme.
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rnldblquote We get Rs. 500 Samurdhi assistance and of that Rs.

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280 given as rations and Rs. 220 goes
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