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Aug 17, 2010 (LBO) – Hatton National Bank (HNB) group June quarter profits rose 22 percent to 1.22 billion rupees from high interest margins and higher fee based income, while loan loss provision costs had also come down, a stock exchange filing showed.

In June quarter 2010, interest income was down 16 percent to 7.57 billion rupees, while interest expenses fell at a steeper pace of 31 percent to 3.71 billion rupees, resulting in a net interest income of 3.86 billion rupees, up 7.0 percent.

HNB group in June quarter made a profit of 5.13 rupees per share, while during the same quarter last year it made a profit of 4.23 rupees, its accounts showed.

Foreign exchange income fell 10 percent to 236.5 million rupees, while incomes from fee based services rose 32 percent to 1.76 billion rupees.

Personal costs rose 18 percent to 1.28 billion rupees, premise costs went up 3.0 percent to 676.8 million rupees, and other operating costs had gone up 21 percent to 1.17 billion rupees.

HNB group's provisions for bad and doubtful debts had come down 94 percent to 10 million rupees, while general provisions had gone up 69 percent to 42.8 million rupees and specific provisions had come down 51 percent to 93.1 million rupees.

Loan recoveri

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