Banyan Roots

Returning to where it was all supposed to begin over 10 years ago. Sri Lanka the prime destination for a concept that is intricately woven into the splendours of the land, crafted to perfection by its staff to bring an experience that will make you smile.
Making up for lost time, Banyan Tree Holdings is once again drawing extensive plans for Sri Lanka tourism. rn

rnSri Lanka, picked to be the first in its global span, but left behind to the bitter civil was, its project in Ahungalle will be refreshed with its then partner for the project endash John Keells Holdings.rn

rnThe Ahungalle project will form part of a network of projects that the group will consider in Sri Lanka, Banyan Tree Holdings Executive Chairman Ho Kwon Ping told Lanka Business Online. rn

rnHo says Sri Lanka has the capacity to support the groups three brands endash The Banyan Tree, Angsana Resorts and Spas and Colours of Agsana.rn

rnIn addition, Ho says Sri Lanka has been spared of the ails of commercial tourism, preserving