Better Care

July 16, 2007 (LBO) –Asiri Hospitals group posted a 312.7 million rupee after tax profit for the year ending in March 31, 2007, up almost by half, despite the depreciation of the Sri Lanka rupee that increased the price of imported medical supplies and material.

Another 17 percent is held by Softlogic Holdings, an electronics company and the official dealer of Nokia in Sri Lanka. The group had full occupancy during the year which saw its turnover increasing by 32 percent to 1.7 billion rupees.

The group profit after tax was up 48.9 percent to 312.7 million rupees.

Asiri Surgical, the group’s surgical hospital, saw its profits increase to 220.6 million rupees from 139 million.

The hospital performs over 7,000 tests per day with over 200 consultants providing medical services.

Ananda Wimalasena, Chairman of Asiri Hospitals, says the group will open a 50-bed hospital in Matara which is under a 20-year lease agreement, in August this year.

Around 25 percent of the group’s shares are held by Sri Lanka Insurance Corp. (SLIC) which is owned by tycoon Harry Jayawardena.