Bits of Crime

The long overdue Computer Crimes Bill is low on ram, but more laws are on the way to legalise digital signatures and set minimum security standards for electronic transactions.
ldblquote The Electronic Transaction Act, that will legalise digital signatures, is now at the Legal Draftsman, dblquote said Senior State Counsel, Dilrukshi Wickramasinghe on Thursday addressing a seminar on e-Crimes organised by Corporate Management Consultants.rn

rnThe proposed legislation creates a central body that will set minimum standards for any form of digital identification technology.rn

rnldblquote The law will be technology neutral and will apply to any form of electronic identification measure like a password, a pin number or a digital signature, dblquote said Wickramasinghe.rn

rnThe legislation gives more security to public transactions done through electronic media and would also ensure that digital signatures are valid in a court of law.rn

rnMeanwhile, new laws to introduce data protection into the

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