Bollywood looks abroad for special effects to spice films

MUMBAI, Sept 4, 2006 (AFP) – Bollywood is bucking a global trend of outsourcing technical film work to India by using experts from abroad to provide special effects for increasingly demanding audiences, the industry said Monday.

Studios with large company backing and aggressive directors are behind the trend that has led to most of the big banner Bollywood films now being shot outside of India.

The current major hit starring five of Bollywood’s A-list stars “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” (Never Say Goodbye) was shot in New York using many local staff while the gangster movie “Don” was filmed Malaysia.

With Bollywood’s first superhero movie “Krrish” raising the stakes for stunts in Indian movies this year, analysts said the demand for foreign experts would grow.

Krrish was shot in Singapore with Hong Kong martial arts movie specialist Tony Ching who choreographed the superman-style stunts.

The film made 1.5 billion rupees (32 million dollars) in two months, making it one of Indian cinema’s biggest hits.

“The Indian audiences are not fools. In the last five years they have become technology savvy and they want the best,” said director Rakesh Roshan.

Until the last decade Bollywood films were gener