The red-blue Alliance says the UNF failed to deliver on its promises, its only success was in delivering misery to the People.
Alliance members on Monday accused the UNF for letting prices of essential goods rise out of control, especially as the cost of food, fuel, medicines, travel, water and electricity among other commodities shot through the roof. rn

rnThe Alliance sighted corrupt practices by the green party for the rising prices, adding that it would be one of the first issues to be put right when the party comes to power. rn

rnOfficials said high prices could be curbed once the corrupt practices of the UNF were corrected. The Alliance also said it hoped to take stringent action against the UNF Ministers and their allies who instigated the corrupt practices.rn

rnThe UNFs privatisation programme also came under fire, with Alliance officials saying it lacked transparency and was carried out on the policies transferred from international powers. rn

rnSighting British Railways for its examp

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