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Mar. 17 (LBO) — Sri Lanka’s top brands, from tea to popular ayurvedic balms could get a listing in a global catalogue of super-brands, by September this year. A global body set up to recognise brands, Superbrands is in over 50 countries, giving selected companies a host of promotional benefits.

About 600 local and international brands with high consumer awareness in Sri Lanka have been selected, though only about 300 usually make the final cut.

“Superbrands is a club for great brands. We select the greatest brands in each country and these are judged by a council of top marketers in each country as well as through voting by consumers to select the Superbrands,” Bill Colegrave, Director of Superbrands told LBO on Thursday.

Judges are given forty categories to assess which could include everything from shoes to very fast cars, but areas like fashion brands are invariably more popular than others, Colegrave says.

“It is an independent evaluation of what the consumer thinks of the brand. We will be doing that in Sri Lanka as well and hope to launch the book later this year. I hope there is a large concentration of local brands.”

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