Brand Summit

May 21, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s LBR-LBO Brand Summit kicked off Wednesday with international and regional experts and practitioners from top corporates in the island participating. The speakers represent a wide range of industries: financial services, hospitality,FMCG, communication, research, consumer durables, technology and export manufacturing, and are from leading local companies and multinationals.

These include John Keells, Unilever, MAS Holdings, Janashakthi Insurance, Ceylon Biscuits, Akzo Nobel, Hayleys, Mindshare, Fonterra, HSBC, Kelly Felder and SAP.

They are joined by regional experts from Google, Nielsens, JWT and LOWE LDB.

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Morning Session 1

Morning Session 2

LBR LBO Brand Summit: Re-thinking the Rules of Brand Building will focus on how disruptive digital technologies change the rule

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