Brazil, India have ‘greenest’ consumers, US trails: study

WASHINGTON, May 7, 2008 (AFP) - Inhabitants of Brazil and India have the world's most environmentally-sustainable lifestyle and Americans have the least, according to a new study tracking global attitudes towards consumption and the environment. The survey by the National Geographic Society establishes a "Greendex" -- an index measuring the economic impact of consumer lifestyle choices -- in four key areas: housing, transportation, food and goods.

Overall, the survey determined that inhabitants of developing countries are most concerned about the impacts of their lifestyle choices on the environment, and made consumption choices reflecting these concerns.

Consequently their lifestyles had fewer adverse effects on the environment than people in developed countries.

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The highest scores -- denoting the greatest environmental consciousness -- were found in Brazil and India, each tied with 60 points.

They were followed by consumers in China (56.1), Mexico (54.3), Hungary (53.2) and Russia (52.4).

Among consumers in wealthy countries, those in Great Britain, Germany and Australia each had a Greendex score of 50.

2, while those in Spain registered a score of 50.

0 and Japanese respondents, 49.1.

US consumers had the lowest G

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