Bridging The Gap

For centuries people of India and Sri Lanka have used the Palk Strait as a channel of transportation of goods and services. The economies of the two landmasses have gained immensely.
But who would have expected this legendary Hanumantha (Or Hanuman) sea link to become a reality. rn

rnThe two governments are drawing up a plan to physically tie the two countries on the legendary land route.rn

rnAnalysts say that once this bridge becomes a reality, the scope for our local economy is tremendous. rn

rnHanuman the famous visitor to come over these islands, created havoc by setting fire to a whole city, so the legend goes.

Not an altogether happy experience. Legend has it that mythological character Hanuman used this route to rescue a princess from captivity in the island.rn

rnOfficials are now trying to re-establish the ancient route between the two countries by building a bridge across the Palk Strait connecting India with Sri Lanka. They are counting on tourists and container traffic. rn