British PM Theresa May survives no-confidence vote; Brexit talks to go ahead

Jan 17, 2019 (LBO) – British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote on Wednesday, a day after Parliament voted against the Brexit deal she negotiated with the European Union.

After narrowly escaping a defeat with 325-306 margin, the Prime Minister invited all opposition leaders for Brexit talks and said it is now time to ‘find a way forward’.

“This evening the Government has won the confidence of Parliament,” speaking in Downing Street, the British PM said.

“Overwhelmingly, the British people want us to get on with delivering Brexit. I believe it is my duty to deliver on the British people’s instruction to leave the European Union and I intend to do so.”

During the debate, opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn who called the no-confidence vote said he was willing to meet May to discuss the way forward if she agreed to take a no-deal Brexit “off the table.”

“This government has failed our country. It cannot govern, it cannot command the support of the people, facing the most important issue at the moment, which is Brexit,” Corbyn pointed out.

In a historic vote in 2016, the country decided to leave the European Union.

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