Broad Bell

CEO, Joey Mendoza says the edge would be its pricing and exceptional speed. A combined levy where the internet tariff and the phone tariff are coupled could also be introduced he says. rn

rnThe service will initially be limited to Lanka Bell customers before being opened up as a standalone service. rn

rnMeanwhile, the company today tied up with Harris Corporation, a Florida based company to launch wireless broadband services, offering variable line speeds and lower prices. rn

rnBroadband services widely available in Sri Lanka today have been rather limited by the speeds they offer. rn

rnBell Burst on the other hand promises bandwidth from 64kbps to 2Mbps and an assurance of a reliable service.rn

rnThe two services together will provide the backbone for a cyber caf’e9 network listed on Lanka Bell
quote s agenda. rn

rnMendoza says the proposed island wide cyber caf’e9 network would offer low cost – high speed connectivity to the masses. rn

rnWhere necessary, the company hopes to franchise their t