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Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

Professional services are in the firing line as everyone, from your doctor, to your lawyer to your stockbroker get roped in under a lquote one size fits all Consumer Affairs Authority Act.
The new Act in effect is the old Consumer Protection Act, the Control of Prices Act and the Fair Trading Commission Act all rolled into one.rn

rnA significant variation is that this time around, all professional service sectors are now brought under the new Consumer Authoritys umbrella.rn

rnTalked and debated and delayed for years, a much-needed re-haul of the old consumer protection Act and an independent authority with teeth, has been long coming.rn

rnOnly to have the legislation rushed through parliament and into law in lquote now youve seen it – now you havent timing last month, as one analyst put it.rn

rnThe services clause has come under fire because it makes a sweeping generalisation of controls available for all services as well as traders.rn

rn(It was argued for example, that the same contro