Final touches are being put in place while being tested across a number of computer devices that supports the software DotNet, is expected to hit the shelves in mid 2003, with a host of new applications and with wider multilingual capabilities. rn

rnMeanwhile, the company is also looking at restructuring its licensing policies to cater to its growing small and medium scale business clientele. rn

rnldblquote We have to repackage our licensing from bulk licenses (in hundreds or thousands), MediaSolv
quote s young GM Mohamed Azard says, ldblquote to cater to the growing number of SME
quote s that use five, ten or fifteen computers.

rnldblquote This is a growing trend since the global economic crisis began. A large number of individuals have set up their own ventures and need solutions that would suit them.

rnLaunched in 1998, a year after the company was incorporated; BizOA has excelled in the EU and the US, even trickling through to some Asian nations, says Azard.rn