CAL to create platform Sri Lankan investors can access regional capital markets


(L to R): Nasir Uddhin Chowdhury - MD, Lanka Bangla Securities, Ajith Fernando - Group CEO, CAL, Naveed Vakil – COO, AKD Securities

Capital Alliance (CAL) has signed an MoU with AKD Securities Limited and Pakistan and Lanka Bangla Securities Limited in Bangladesh with the objective of providing investors with a single investment platform via which they can access South Asia’s leading frontier markets. The MoU, which comes against the backdrop of the successful inaugural South Asia Investor Conference (SAIC) co-hosted by the three firms in Colombo recently, was signed by Mr. Nasir Uddhin Chowdhury (Managing Director) on behalf of Lanka Bangla Securities, Mr. Naveed Vakil (Chief Operating Officer) on behalf of AKD Securities and Mr. Ajith Fernando (Group CEO) on behalf of CAL. Amongst many other initiatives, the collaborative effort intends to continue its successful SAIC franchise, on an annual basis, and further its corporate access platform by also organizing joint reverse roadshows. The franchise will also publish joint research reports, enabling international investors to understand the unique dynamics affecting the region’s top companies and specific sectors. By way of this MoU, CAL also intends to create a platform via which Sri Lankan investors can access regional capital markets, a fresh opportunity made possible by the country’s new Foreign Exchange Act. Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Ajith Fernando, Group CEO of Capital Alliance (CAL), said: “This MoU is part of CAL’s dual long-term strategy to create an effective channel via which investors can access Sri Lanka’s markets and to integrate the domestic markets with those of the region.
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This regional initiative will enable CAL to provide international portfolio investors both insights and corporate access from an integrated and impartial perspective. The strengths of the individual research teams will combine to provide powerful thought leadership in South Asia’s fast-growing capital markets.” Mr. Harinlal Aturupane, Managing Director, Capital Alliance Securities, added, “We are excited about the prospects of this collaboration. Investors looking to build exposure to South Asia need accurate and reliable information and insights before making investment decisions and this MoU will provide the right expertise to offer such a service. This is the first time that an agreement, integrating access to top frontier markets in the region has been executed. Our collective knowledge about respective countries will be pooled together to offer astute investing insights for investors.” CAL (Capital Alliance) offers a range of investment products covering equity, fixed income and commodities, making it a fully integrated investment bank. The company’s focus on portfolio management, wealth management, trading and research are the cornerstones of its investment philosophy. CAL specializes in the origination, trading and sale of securities, both debt and equity, and aims to provide universal broking services to the market. A trusted partner and company focused on good governance and transparency, CAL takes immense pride in setting the benchmark for ethical operations and best practices throughout the organization and in the industry at large. (Media Release)
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