Call Charges

Aug 01, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom has changed its tariff plans for new ‘Citylink’ fixed wireless telephone connections with a rate of one rupee a minute for outgoing calls within its own network for prepaid subscribers. SLT said in a statement the charges for the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) fixed wireless telephone services are valid 24 hours a day, and includes a daily rental of three rupees.

For postpaid connections, outgoing calls for the first five minutes within the SLT network is billed at 1.25 rupees a minute and from the sixth minute onwards reduced to one rupee per minute.

For outgoing calls to other networks, the first five minutes will be billed at 2.25 rupees per minute and from the sixth minute reduced to two rupees per minute.

These rates are valid 24 hours of the day, and include a monthly rental of 299 rupees, the SLT statement said.

“No start up call charges are levied for both prepaid and postpaid packages and customers are billed on a per minute basis.”

These charges are all without counting government taxes and applicable only for new connections.

“However, all existing SLT Citylink CDMA customers are able to avail themselves of the benefits of this new tari