Capital Alliance launched Sri Lanka’s first online bond trading app


In an effort to take government securities trading to the future and make it more accessible to all, CAL (Capital Alliance) recently launched its latest innovation – CALiper, a state-of-the-art digital app that facilitates online bond trading with the click of a button. Delivering direct access to the closed bond market, the app offers an easy-to-use, streamlined trading process, that enables investors of all experience levels to manage their own portfolios. The app’s ‘dash in, dashboard, dash out’ proposition, makes it a hassle-free and convenient wealth enhancement tool, that is set to revolutionize the bond trading arena, and empower investors to trade and grow their wealth on their own terms.

Geared to meet the needs of the future, whilst offering enhanced transparency, CALiper was designed to give investors the know-how, freedom and flexibility to trade bonds based on their individual risk appetites and comfort levels. CALiper enables faster response times and up-to-date access to a personal portfolio, and provides all of the tools needed to measure, trade, monitor and observe government securities, all in real-time and all in one place.

CALiper was developed by Finnovation, a subsidiary of CAL and the app went on to win a bronze award in the ‘Financial Industry Application’ category at the prestigious National Best Quality ICT Awards.

Commenting on the launch of the CALiper, Gihan Hemachandra – Managing Director, Capital Alliance Ltd stated: “Speed, accuracy and real-time responses are the hallmarks of CALiper, and armed with this tool, investors will be able to trade and monitor their government securities portfolios with greater efficiency and ease. There is an immense need for transparency in the bond market, and CALiper will help to deliver that along with greater accessibility to investors. Typically, the bond market, unlike the stock market, is structured as a wholesale market and a select few enjoy the benefits and returns from trading. With CALiper however, even more investors will be able to independently trade bonds live, and benefit directly from the returns of trading.”

Gihan further added: “Often investors also lose money due to slow response times from a third-party advisor or they miss out on opportunities altogether. With CALiper however, investors are empowered to act on potential trades immediately and can reap the returns and rewards of faster, more dynamic trading. CAL has always strived to be a pioneering force in the financial services and investment banking industries, and by developing this innovative new digital application to meet the real needs of investors and potential investors, we will be able to disrupt the status quo and give investors trusted and direct access to the bond market.”

Also commenting on the launch of CALiper, Uthpala Dassanayake – Head of Software, Finnovation – a subsidiary of CAL, said: “CALiper has been developed to offer traders and investors of all experiences levels the opportunity to make money on their own terms. The application was developed by our team from scratch and fuses the latest Fintech solutions with a seamless design to offer a simple, fast and real-time user experience. This award-winning technology fills an important void in the financial services industry and will help to demystify trading and encourage more individuals to confidently manage their portfolios, make trades on a more regular basis and strategically grow their wealth.”

Initially CALiper, will be available through a dedicated website (, and will thereafter be rolled out across other devices. This year, CAL also launched several other digital tools and applications, including Sri Lanka’s 1st ever Digital account registration in the Colombo Stock Exchange, CAL Connect and the CAL Oracle Sales Cloud. The deployment of CAL’s digital innovations are part of the company’s long-term goals to be future-ready, and evolve in an ever-changing world. The company continuously strives to disrupt traditional models and empower its clients, and remains dedicated to offering world-class standards of service and trusted solutions that deliver high returns.

CAL offers a range of investment products covering equity, fixed income and commodities, making it a fully integrated investment bank. The company’s focus on portfolio management, wealth management, trading and research are the cornerstones of its investment philosophy. CAL specializes in the origination, trading and sale of securities, both debt and equity, and aims to provide universal broking services to the market. A trusted partner and company focused on good governance and transparency, CAL takes immense pride in setting the benchmark for ethical operations and best practices throughout the organization and in the industry at large. (PR)