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Capitalist Rebels

The rebel group quote s theoretician Dr.
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Anton Balasingham explaining his leader quote s stand said, ldblquote economic policy would be based on the open market system. [But] We can only think about the economic structure, after the conflict is resolved dblquote .

rnrnThese statements are expected to somewhat mitigate the Sri Lankan business communities anxiety, whose sentiment reached an all time low during the 18 year old war between the government and Tamil rebels.

rnrnBalasingham also defended the LTTE quote s practice of levying taxes on businesses operating in areas under their control, saying the funds are needed to maintain the region quote s administrative infrastructure.

rnrnAccording to businessmen in Kilinochchi who spoke to Lanka Business Online, LTTE collects a tax of three percent on turnover value. However, only commercial transactions are liable for this tax.

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rnrnGoods purchased for personal consumption are completely exempted.

rnrnViews among the local business community about the

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