Car Carrier

Aug 05, 2009 (LBO) РGlobal car carrier H̦egh Autoliners has resumed calls at Colombo port, the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) said. A new port being built in southern Hambantota will have space fpr vehicle transhipment and assembly operations, he said.

“We could see many lines arriving here for Ro-Ro (roll on-roll off) operations in the future,” he said. The vessel MVHöegh Kyoto, carrying 133 vehicles, made called at Colombo port on August 03, the SLPA, which is trying to encourage vehicle transhipment through the harbour, said in a statement.

“Höegh Autoliners which had suspended their services to Colombo for a considerable time are looking at strengthening their presence in Colombo,” the statement said.

The call of MV Höegh Kyoto at Colombo marked the beginning of a new service linking the Middle East, India and Africa.

The liner’s agents are Clarion Shipping, a subsidiary of the Hayleys Group which is affiliated to the group’s transportation arm, Hayleys Advantis.

SLPA Managing Director Nihal Keppetipola said in the statement that the SLPA wants to attract more vehicle transhipment business through th

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