Carbon Riches

rnThe World Bank recently launched a US$ 100mn Community Development Carbon Fund (CDCF) to take the benefits of carbon commerce down to the grassroots. rn

rnThe Fund, launched last week, will provide carbon financing for small-scale projects in rural areas of all developing countries, the World Bank said in a release.rn

rnRenewable energy, energy efficiency, methane capture and agro-forestry projects with significant and measurable community benefit, will be recognised under the fund.rn

rnThis follows on the back of an earlier Prototype Carbon Fund (PCF), a public private partnership that supported project based reductions in greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol. rn

rn”By delivering the benefits of carbon finance right down to the community level and to the farthest reaches of poorer countries and rural areas, carbon assets will serve sustainable development
dblquote , said Manager of the PCF in a World Bank release. rn

rnSri Lanka being a developing country and actively pursuing carbon-t