Catching The Bus

Sri Lankas mass transport system driven by private and public busses and vans are a public menace killing around 500 people on average every year.rn

rnThe quality of service is also appalling overcrowding, arbitrary pricing and sudden changes of routes and strikes.rn

rnThe action plan for land transport that was approved by Cabinet last Thursday will target cleaning up the mass transport sector on a priority basis at the cost of Rs. 20 mn to the public purse.rn

rnldblquote The total cost is around Rs 20 mn for the entire country. It will be funded by the Treasury,
dblquote said Chairman of the National Transport Commission, Amal Kumarage.
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rnBut its not the money that worries the regulators.rn

rnldblquote The biggest implementation problem is the opposition from bus operators. We will need political will and public support to take this through,
dblquote said Kumarage. rn

rnAs a starting point the authorities are drawing up time tables and routes for the countrys 6,000 State owned buses and

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