CB to issue Rs10 commemorative coin to mark 150 yrs of Ceylon Tea


Central Bank is to issue 10 rupee commemorative coin to mark 150 years of Ceylon Tea. The coin which will be in general circulation, as customary, will be released by the Governor of the Central Bank to Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera, tomorrow.

Since the day James Taylor planted the first seed of tea, Ceylon Tea has embarked on a massive journey.

This is a remarkable achievement from a mere experiment sampling to a gigantic 1.5 billion US dollars export achievement of today, which in the past helped immensely to sustain country’s economy.

James Taylor’s efforts were supported and followed by the pioneers of this industry facing hardships that created this great industry which now sustain the livelihood of 2 million involved.

A postal stamp and a first-day cover too will be issued to mark this significant occasion.

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