CCC Calls for President to resign & party leaders to ensure smooth transition of power

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce reiterates its call for President Gotabaya Rajapakse to resign immediately for the sake of the country and its stability as he has lost the trust and confidence of the people as aptly demonstrated by the heightened protests witnessed today on an unprecedented scale around President’s House and President’s Office.

Further, the Chamber calls upon all political party leaders to come together at this time of grave crisis and act in the best interest of the nation to arrive at a consensual decision that will pave the way for a smooth transition of power in accordance with the constitution.

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It is hoped that the party leaders will put aside their ideological differences and get together as Sri Lankans at this historic moment to save the country from falling into anarchy.
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The Chamber requests the public to remain calm while engaging in peaceful protests to prevent any harm to people and property. It also calls upon the security forces and the police to act with restraint and continue to maintain law and order while making way for peaceful protests.

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1 year ago

Think about this and my opinion is,

1)Why people reject all politicians?

Because, after 1948,all of them were not brought this country forward and were not made any fixed policies for any sector to develop the country and mislead people by telling so many lies/dividing people where now people have realized Politicians behavior.

2)Why NO GOTA?

He did not manage the economic crisis(He would have to start IMF negotiation after the Second wave of Covid in S/L) and decision taken on fertilizer was not at the right time because when you lowering foreign currency inflow due to lock down period we should get self sufficient with foods (This is not big Economics and but a common sense).
In addition to above GOTA did not get any correct measure for Easter attack and protected unethical/wrong behavioral people.

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