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CCC promotes responsible investment practices with webinar on sustainability standards for ESG financing


Aiming to create awareness about the growing significance of sustainable development and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) financing, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a webinar on ESG Financing and the impact of sustainability standards in the financial sector
on access to finance for businesses.

The session aimed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of sustainable investment practices among participants, providing them with insights into the benefits and implications of adopting internationally recognized sustainability standards.

The webinar drew on the experienceof both local and international experts in the field of sustainable development and ESG financing, including Mr. Jurgen Hammer – Managing Director or SPTF Europe, Luanne Sieh – Group Chief Sustainability Officer at CIMB Group Holdings Berhad, Nirnita Talukdar - Regional Coordinator for Asia Pacific at the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, Economy Division, Chiranthi Cooray - DGM Sustainability & Corporate Communications at HNB PLC
and Mak Vichet, Chief Risk Officer of Amret, MFI Cambodia.

The presenters addressed aspects of ESG financing including the importance of sustainable development and ESG financing, pros and cons of adopting various sustainability standards, and case studies of
companies that have successfully adopted the standards in order to demonstrate the outcomes achieved in terms of financial performance and sustainability impact. Coca-Cola Sri Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Vidullanka PLC, Seylan Bank, Mendisone (Pvt) Ltd, and Hemas Corporate Services (Pvt) Ltd, were the corporate sponsors of the webinar.

By promoting sustainable investment practices aligned with international standards, the webinar aimed to foster responsible investment and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

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