CEB acquires 163 MW power plant from Sojitz Kelanitissa

Ceylon Electricity Board has acquired the 163 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant which was operated by Sojitz Kelanitissa (Pvt) Limited.

The acquiring process was initiated in the latter part of the year 2022, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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Under the GOSL policy framework, CEB signed the PPA with Sojitz Kelanitissa (Pvt) Limited in June 2000 as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) on a BOOT basis.

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The contract period was for 20 years and the power plant is located in the Colombo Kelanitissa Power Plant complex.
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CEB appreciates Sojitz Kelanitissa (Pvt) Limited for the operation of the power plant over 19 years and for the cordial cooperation extended during the negotiation and transfer process of the facility.

CEB has foreseen the future power requirements of the country and facilitated the acquisition process in order to increase its power generation capacity.

The CEB-owned 163 MW facility is compatible with LNG with some minor modifications and hence enables the reduction of the current cost of the generation when conversion takes place. 

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