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Central Bank launches financial literacy roadmap of Sri Lanka 2024-2028

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka launched the Financial Literacy Roadmap of Sri Lanka, marking a significant step towards enhancing the financial capabilities of Sri Lankans, in Colombo Tuesday.

This Roadmap, a cornerstone of Sri Lanka's National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS), offers evidence- based guidance to all stakeholders engaged in financial literacy initiatives, aligning them towards a common objective: improving the financial behaviour of Sri Lankans and bolstering their financial resilience.

Developed through collaborative efforts among various stakeholders, led by the Central Bank through the NFIS Secretariat under the Regional Development Department, the Roadmap sets out to foster financial inclusion, enhance consumer protection, and fortify financial stability.

With a focus on nurturing better financial habits and enhancing overall financial capability among Sri Lankans, the Roadmap seeks to encourage informed and responsible usage of the diverse range of financial products available in the local market.

It also emphasizes the cultivation of prudent and responsible financial behaviors, recognizing the significance of shaping the financial mindset of future generations amidst today's economic landscape.

Complementing the Roadmap is a comprehensive action plan, comprising sequenced actions collectively agreed upon by Financial Literacy Stakeholders. The Action Plan delineates their respective institutional roles and responsibilities, ensuring the effective implementation of the

Furthermore, the United Nations Development Programme stands as a vital partner, providing both technical expertise and financial support for the realization of this initiative.

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