Ceylon Chamber Congratulates New President & Highlights Key Priorities

The Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, congratulating the new President of Sri Lanka through a letter, has highlighted key areas that require priority attention.

Key priorities:

 Resuming discussions with the IMF urgently to reach a staff level agreement soon.
 Expediting the negotiations with creditors to successfully conclude the debt restructuring process
 Taking immediate steps to secure adequate supplies of fuel and other essential items while streamlining their distribution.
 Accessing adequate bridging finance to manage immediate cash-flow needs
 Designing a well targeted safety net to take care of vulnerable sections of society while addressing concerns relating to food security
 Embarking on the necessary economic reforms that will provide comfort and assurance to donors and creditors that the country will be steered towards a position of strength and stability

Other areas of focus that must be addressed ideally through a 100-day plan would be reviving tourism, promoting foreign direct investment and attracting more remittances through official banking channels, the letter further stressed.


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