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Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 185 Years of Service to Sri Lanka’s Private Sector

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the premier representative of Sri Lanka's private sector, proudly marks its 185th anniversary today (March 25). 

Established in 1839, initially to cater to the needs of the plantation industry, primarily rubber and coconut, it has evolved into an institution representing a wide sector of industry and commerce. Today, boasting a membership of over 500 members, including some of the largest corporations in Sri Lanka the Ceylon Chamber stands as a pillar of support for businesses across various sectors.

Reflecting on the Chamber's journey, the Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber Duminda Hulangamuwa stated, "The Ceylon Chamber has always placed the 'Country First' in its endeavours. Over the years, we have actively engaged with stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, to promote economic stability and growth. As we celebrate this milestone, we reaffirm our commitment to continue playing a significant role in shaping the economy, promoting trade and investment, and facilitating policy advocacy."

Operating on three pillars - Policy Advocacy, Engagement, and Market Access - the Chamber’s activities run a wide gamut. From engaging with stakeholders to advocate sustainable economic policies, engaging with government bodies, private sector entities, trade associations, and foreign missions to foster collaboration and address challenges and resolve issues faced by its members, and facilitating trade events and investment opportunities, the Ceylon Chamber actively engages with stakeholders to ensure a conducive environment that benefits trade and business while serving the people at large. 

As the Ceylon Chamber commemorates 185 years of service, it reaffirms its commitment to advancing the collective interests of the nation and its people, driving economic growth and prosperity for Sri Lanka.

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