Ceylon Chamber’s ‘Future of Business’ event to help reimagine future of work


Reimagining the future of work, will be the focus of the Ceylon Chamber’s third consecutive ‘Future of Business’ innovation strategy and learning event. This is ideal for leading Sri Lankan companies, SMEs and family owned businesses to gain unique and practical insights that can transform their businesses. The event will be a platform to learn from leading innovation strategists about transforming your business to be globally competitive in the digital age.

Sri Lankan businesses are at a pivotal point as a growing number of firms aspire to enter foreign markets and expand their product portfolios amidst a challenging economic and political landscape. Automation, AI and developments in communication are fundamentally changing the manner in which businesses operate globally.

Given these rapid developments, businesses will be required to rethink their business models, workspaces and the manner in which they communicate. Firms that innovate, adapt to change, and aspire to transform their businesses towards the future of the modern workplace, will thrive amidst this turbulent environment.

Participants stand to gain from private sector leaders who will share their unique and practical insights from their respective sectors. The event will take place on 23rd October 2019. For more information, contact 011 5588882 or email events@chamber.lk / satheesha@chamber.lk

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