Ceylon Electricity Board violates license conditions, says PUCSL


Mar 30, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s power regulator, Public Utilities Commission, has directed the CEB to explain the reasons for the recent violation of license conditions.

This violation referring to the notice on ‘Electricity Interruptions’ appeared on the CEB website on 28 March 2016.

However, in terms of the Transmission and Bulk Supply License, the CEB is required to obtain prior approval from the Commission for scheduled interruptions.

“It appears that the Transmission Licensee is scheduling and carrying out such interruptions and thereby violates or does not comply with the conditions of the said license,” PUCSL said.

Writing a letter to the authorized officer of the CEB, the PUCSL has also asked the board to fully abide by and comply with these license conditions in the future.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Power Ajith P Perera yesterday pledged that they will provide uninterrupted island-wide power supply unless a tsunami-like disaster occurs.

Perera also said they are confident of getting funds from the government to rectify the existing issues with the power system in the island.

“We will solve this system issue during a considerable short time period,” Perera further said.