CFA Society SL and CSE train financial literacy ambassadors from state universities


The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and the CFA Society Sri Lanka wish to appoint “Financial Literacy Ambassadors” from state universities in Sri Lanka and to conduct a training session on financial literacy for them on 26th January 2023, from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at the CSE Auditorium in Colombo. 

This is in line with the several initiatives that the CFA Society Sri Lanka and CSE recently forged to increase the level of financial literacy among the youth in the country.

Accordingly, it is intended to request the nomination of two to three academics from the respective educational institutes, and those who are appointed will thereafter organize sessions and transfer the knowledge of financial literacy to other academics and undergraduates within the university.

Further, the first training session on the ‘Financial Literacy for Ambassadors’ will be conducted by Ravi Abeysuriya, CFA, Director/Advocacy Chair, CFA Society Sri Lanka, and Nishantha Batagalle, Manager - Branch Network, CSE.

The two organizing institutes believe that the financial returns from gaining knowledge on financial literacy and its application among many within the universities will provide significant benefits to their lives, particularly given the prevailing economic crisis. 

Thus, it is believed, this training program will provide the target group, a sound knowledge in making informed decisions about managing personal finances, managing expenses, generating passive income, managing risks, and to make better investment decisions.

The participants will also gain knowledge on how to borrow smartly and build financial security and wealth.

The launch of the Financial Literacy publication in all three languages last year was also a part of this initiative.

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