CFA Society SL ties up with Yara Technologies to offer EduLoan for CFA program

CFA Sri Lanka

CFA Society Sri Lanka (CFASSL) is pleased to announce its partnership with Yara Technologies, to offer the EduLoan platform exclusively to students sitting for the CFA exams who are members of CFA Society Sri Lanka Candidate Council, for the purpose of financing CFA Program enrolment and registration fees.

Yara Technologies is a fast-growing EdFinTech company, transforming the education ecosystem via fintech solutions, AI-driven data analytics, integrated e-learning and cross- channel digital communication solutions.

EduLoan ( - a FinTech product owned and operated by Yara Technologies - connects parents and students with partner financial institutions, to facilitate requests for educational loans and credit cards for payment of course fees. It verifies both educational and financial institutions to ensure that students apply to credible entities.

The EduLoan platform enables students to request for loan facilities from multiple financial institutions, as per their preference. Students may choose a loan amount in line with the exam level for which they are sitting. Furthermore, the website has a comparison table enabling a student to compare the terms, including the interest rates offered by the respective banks, and select as per their own requirement. EduLoan has currently partnered with multiple financial institutions, with more in the process of coming onboard.

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Once the bank (the primary option) receives a loan request, it would communicate the status to the requestor within a period of two to three working days, following which they are required to submit relevant documentation to the bank directly. Should a request be declined
by the primary bank, it would then automatically be routed to the bank selected as a secondary option and so on. For CFA Program Candidates, once the bank approves the loan, the facility would be provided to the candidate for the purpose of fee payments.

The primary benefit of the partnership between CFASSL and Yara Technologies (EduLoan) is that members of the Candidate Council are afforded the convenience of being able to obtain loans for examinations with ease.

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EduLoan saves time and money by enabling you to apply to
multiple banks through a system that has already captured the fee structure applicable to the candidate, for enrolment and/or registration.

CFA Program candidates may join the Candidate Council by opting to pay a nominal annual subscription fee and avail of a host of benefits provided by CFASSL.

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These include exam preparation sessions, CFA program information sessions, online mock examinations, access to CFASSL events, and discounts on select exam preparation packages, tuition fees from local exam preparation providers and professional learning courses conducted by the Society.

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. Founded in 2001, CFA Society Sri Lanka is a not-for- profit organisation supporting the professional development and advancement of CFA Charterholders and candidates in Sri Lanka. Its membership of over 275 members consists of CEOs, CFOs, portfolio managers, equity analysts, banking professionals, investment advisors and other senior-ranking financial practitioners and over 300 candidates, mainly in the
financial sector.

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