Chatbots and artificial intelligence is our future, says Microsoft CEO

March 31, 2016 (LBO) –  The worlds future will be chatbots, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Microsoft Chief Executive, Satya Nadella said kicking off the company’s Build developers conference.

“Bots are the new apps,” Nadella was quoted as saying on USA Today during keynote address at the Microsoft BUILD developers conference in San Francisco.

People-to-people conversations, people-to-digital assistants, people-to-bots and even digital assistants-to-bots – that’s the world you’re going to get to see in the years to come, he stressed.

The conference included many onstage demos.

One of them was a smartphone conversing with digital assistant Cortana about planning a trip to Ireland, which soon found Cortana bringing in a Westin Hotels chatbot that booked a room based on the contents of the chat.

Another featured a blind Microsoft engineer who helped design technology that allows him to take photos with a pair of smart glasses.

Nadella placed such human/AI interactions under an umbrella he called Conversations as a Platform, the news report said.

“It’s about taking the power of human language and applying it more pervasively to all of our computing.”

“We will infuse intelligence about us and our context into computers.”