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Welcome to the world of Voice Over IP or VOIP.rn

rnShamil manages the IT department of the Sentra Supermarket chain. rn

rnThey have a few fixed line telephones but they don quote t need to use these to talk between any of their four supermarkets. rn

rnInstead these calls are channeled into the company quote s data transmission system. rn

rnThe routers or gateways of their system convert the voice into packets of data, which are transmitted on broadband data lines. A similar set of routers reconverts the data into voice at the receiving end.

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rnSoftlogic, an IT company that markets the technology here, says VOIP can reduce communication costs.rn

rnldblquote Not only does the VOIP cut down your costs of voice capabilities, you can also use that on your faxes between the two offices as well, dblquote Softlogic Director Sampath Amarasekere says.rn

rnldblquote You can use it as normal telephone line; the only thing is that you don quote t pay. dblquote rn

rnSentra Supermarkets already had the

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