The Joint Business Forum on Wednesday, while expressing support for the newly elected Freedom Alliance, rolled out what it saw as a list of priorities for the new government.

The top business grouping identified the peace process, the economy, bribery and corruption and infrastructure development as priority areas for the next UPFA government.rn

rnIt also added that it looked forward to a ldblquote strong private sector-government
dblquote relationship under the new regime.rn

rnJBiz called for an economic policy ldblquote based on export lead growth
dblquote and a development plan for the next six years backed by yearly national targets.rn

rnThe organisation suggests implementing the development plan by setting up ldblquote an independent monitoring mechanism to ensure that the Ministers and others responsible achieve these targets.

rnCoal power, port and airport development, highways and transport were high on the list of infrastructure priorities identified for immediate actio