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Chicken Safe

Lunchtime at KFC outlets is not as rushed as it used to be a few weeks ago these days.
People are staying away from poultry based products due to the bird flu that has sent goose bumps across Asia killing 19 of the 25 infected people in Thailand and Vietnam.
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rnThe worldwide scare has got local chicken lovers chickening out as well.rn

rnRestaurant owners say sale of chicken dishes have fallen forcing them to cover the cost through dishes with other meats and fish.rn

rnBut fast food outlets like KFC specializing in chicken dishes are among the badly hit by the bird flu phobia. rn

rnldblquote Sales wise we have been affected a little bit, dblquote Lalin Ratwatte, Operations Manager, KFC told LBR.rn

rnHe said that the outlets peak time chicken consumption has dropped from about 2,000 pieces to roughly 1,400.rn

rnThe restaurant cooks its chicken at 167 centigrade Celsius for fourteen minutes, which he says, makes their food lquote germ free.rn

rnBut not everyone is willing to take a chanc

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