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China positive on trade, investment says Malik after visit


Mar 02, 2016 (LBO) – China is positive about Sri Lanka’s prospects as a strategically located platform for trade, investment and tourism, a statement issued following Minister Malik Samarawickrama’s recent visit to China said. “They saw opportunities for strengthening bilateral cooperation and looked forward to Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe’s visit to China in April to take the relationship to a new level,” Malik Samarawickrama, Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade said.
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“We explored ways and means of mobilizing Exim Bank and China Development Bank investment for new projects, as well as strengthening cash flow and liability management of ongoing projects.” Samarawickrama had meetings with Hu Xiaolian, chairperson, Exim Bank of China and Zhen Zhijie, governor, China Development Bank and reiterated that the government was accelerating the implementation of ongoing Chinese projects. He provided a briefing on a pipeline of new Chinese FDI projects, including the Economic Zone, ship repair project and airport development in Hambantota.
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The new infrastructure projects discussed included the extension of the Southern Highway, Kandy and Ratnapura Expressways and portable and waste water projects. He also drew attention to possible Chinese involvement in the Sri Lankan government’s development plans, such as the Western Region Megapolis project, which includes infrastructure development, involving elevated highways, light railway and utilities as well as real estate, both housing and commercial. “The two nations recognized the benefits that can be leveraged through the positive relationship between trade and investment.
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” Both sides recognized that China’s “Going Abroad” strategy and Sri Lanka’s very favorable location on the Maritime Silk Road provided a strong basis for strengthening Sino-Lanka economic relations, the statement added.
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Pathum Thilina
Pathum Thilina
8 years ago

Feel funny when I see Indian puppet government begging in front of china….karma Unp karma

8 years ago
Reply to  Pathum Thilina

What an idiotic comment

dickie bird
dickie bird
8 years ago

Unfortunately, these donkies see it after the damage is done to the relationship.
Whatever said & done , go pay Hosannahs to Rajapakshe instead of hounding him as he is the one after Late Sirimavo who set the stage for Sri Lanka with China.
Malik, China all along knew what they knew but you guys sacrificed the country for relationship with the Indians and the West. Spillout your hidden agenda.
BOP $ 6b had to open your eyes to see that your foot in mouth all this while.
Malik, you verywell know your businesses too are based in China across the border from HK..

8 years ago

Through its ‘One belt one road’ policy, China is trying to help its neighbours to build badly needed infrastructures. However, India is persistently putting the spanner in the works. If China were to vacate those projects now in progress, India could not step in and complete them. After all, India could not even build her own infrastructures. This is the reality !!

8 years ago

The damage has been done and it is irreparable at this point. Seems like our genius politicians only remember China when they ran out of money. After much begging and pleading to IMF, and CB governor’s visit to Arab Banks to borrow money promising adhere to Islamic Banking rules, The money is yet to come to the hands of the Government.

As many of you previously read my comments must know ‘I’m no fan of Mahinda Rajapaksha’ but at least he figured out using China as a counter balance to mitigate forceful Indian influence, but not so smart Yahapalana Gang threw that strategy right out of front door.
And now facing the same fate as the cat who defecate on the rock “ගලේ පැහැරූ බළලා ” to be more exact.

Chinese money flowing in to Sri Lanka is much more beneficial to Sri Lankans than Indian labors flowing in, The question is how long will it take for these BONEHEADS to understand that simple logic…..Think for yourself and govern accordingly…

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