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The Transport Ministry is going on reverse gear, repelling the Railways Authority Act and replacing it with fresh legislation.
Transport Minister Felix Perera told Lanka Business Online that Cabinet on Wednesday had given him the go ahead to repeal the Railway Authority Act and introduce new legislation. rn

rnThe new Act will look to revert to the Railway Department and reform the ailing state giant, improve and increase its services quality and make it a viable financial entity.rn

rnThe details of the proposal are to put down, but would look at fast tracking the process, the Minister added. rn

rnThe Railway Authority Act and the setting up of the Authority by the former UNF government were very unpopular with the 130 or so Railway Unions. rn

rnThe midnight move on August 23, 2003 to introduce the Act by special gazette notification was said to help induce fresh oil into the rusted State engine, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and modernise the network and its rolling stock. rn

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