CIM accelerates its e-learning proposition in Sri Lanka with new Live Virtual Training

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) announced today that it has strengthened its online training portfolio launching over 75 new live virtual training courses to allow Sri Lankan marketing professionals to take its most popular courses online. With the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Labour Organization concluding that COVID-19 pandemic is causing rising unemployment in Sri Lanka, especially among young people, it is more important than ever for marketers to focus on their professional development*.

CIM’s new portfolio of live virtual training is priced competitively, offering something for every level of marketer, spanning brand strategy, digital marketing planning, product management, customer experience and paid social. Sri Lankan marketers wanting to take advantage of the latest digital marketing techniques can take the live virtual ‘Digital Marketing in Practice’ training, while marketers wishing to develop specific digital skills, can pick live virtual courses such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Principles and Pay Per Click for Google advertising.

Nadi Dharmasiri, from CIM’s Board of Trustees and chair in Sri Lanka said: “We welcome the news that CIM has moved quickly to make available its most popular courses online via live virtual training. In these current challenging times, businesses must ensure they stay ahead of the competition and individual marketers in Sri Lanka need to keep up their personal professional development.”

“Professional development is more important now than it has ever been for Sri Lankan marketers. It is absolutely critical that marketing professionals can continue to upskill using the very latest techniques such as live virtual and online training.”

Taffy Alahakoon, CIM board member said: “CIM has always been at the forefront of marketing training. It is encouraging to see how professional bodies like CIM have quickly developed initiatives to counter the challenges posed by these unprecedented times.”

“During this unforeseen pandemic crisis, many Sri Lankan organisations have struggled to survive, let alone be competitive. It is heartening to see how many marketing-led organisations have launched innovative initiatives to counter the challenges posed by these trying times. In the times to come, the companies with marketing representation at the highest level of business will be more competitive. In this light, it is important that marketers continue their learning & development for their personal progression as well as to contribute for the success of their organisations.

“I would urge Sri Lankan marketers to take advantage of these new online courses to ensure their learning and development is kept to the highest level, so they are fully prepared for Sri Lanka’s recovery post-Covid 19.”

CIM’s decision to accelerate its e-learning proposition, follows an extensive review of the qualifications on offer to bolster professional development for modern Sri Lankan marketers, ensuring they can compete at both a national and international level.

To support marketers in the region, CIM has also developed a portfolio of online courses such as the new “International Marketing” course, aimed at marketers seeking to break into new markets and develop new partnerships as countries like the UK look to strengthen international ties. The online courses offer up to 25 hours of online study and a comprehensive syllabus, which includes interactive learning and video classes. Modules include video introductions from course leaders and tests to help individuals track their progress.

The new live virtual and online learning programmes will add to CIM’s growing portfolio of online services, which include: webinars, podcasts, training materials, best practice guides and articles to help navigate the unchartered waters of the COVID-19 crisis available on CIM’s Exchange content hub.

(Media Release)

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