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Cleanup operation of oil spill at Hambantota International Port completed

The minor oil spill that occurred during bunkering at the Hambantota International Port (HIP) has been cleaned up by the Emergency Response Unit of the port.

The oil spill occurred at approximately 6 pm on Sunday, 11th of July 2021 whilst a bunkering barge was refueling a commercial vessel that had called at the port.

“Minimal chemicals were utilized in the cleaning operation, keeping the environment in mind by using ecofriendly means- including manual oil retrieval was carried out," says Ravi Jayawickreme, CEO of Hambantota International Port Services.

"This method took more time but it’s a more effective and thorough way of cleaning up smaller oil spills."

The commercial vessel has in the meanwhile been detained until costs incurred are accepted and settled by its owners.

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