Coconut seedlings, Tea & cinnamon plants free of charge for cultivation: Plantation Minister


Plantation Minister Ramesh Pathirana says that the government has decided to provide 2.3 million coconut seedlings to the public at the Divisional Secretariat level next year.

The government will also provide tea plants free of charge by obtaining tea plants owned by the Tea Small Holdings Development Authority. Financial assistance will also be provided for water supply schemes.

"There is already a huge demand from the people for coconut cultivation," Plantation Minister Ramesh Pathirana said.

"The Coconut Cultivation Board has a large number of employees but the country cannot produce coconuts to meet its needs. If the coconut seedlings are not sent to the nurseries as scheduled, these employees are useless. Therefore, the Coconut Cultivation Board should be ready to supply the required coconut seedlings to the entire country by next January."

The responsibility of the Coconut Cultivation Board is to produce a sufficient quantity of coconut seedlings as required by the country.

"We have also initiated a project to undertake intercrossing in tea and coconut plantations. We expect to contact housewives for this purpose. Chilies, vegetables, and peppers can be grown as intercrossing," he said.

"They have to produce the required compost manure for the purpose. We provide financial assistance for the cultivations.
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High-quality seeds are provided free of charge. We also look forward to implementing projects such as beekeeping and animal husbandry at the household level."

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