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Coin Jam

Money clogged up due to coin jams in Tritel payphones will go to charity in the provinces they come from, the Maharagama Cancer Hospital the first to benefit.
Tritel officials say, since it was impossible to return the money to the people who lost it to the payphone, they have decided to donate it to charities in the provinces they are located in.
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rn"The surplus amounts are not very large, but can over a period of time, make a meaningful contribution to a good cause," says Tritel CEO Robert Schuster. rn

rnCoin jams in the 1750 Tritel payphones in the western province generated Rs. 40,000 over the last one year. rn

rnThe proceeds together with Tritels own contributions funded the first of the charities - a Laryngoscope to the Maharagama Cancer Hospital. rn

rnPopular causes for coin jams include five rupee coins attached to strings and fake coins, which clog the system retaining all coins inserted afterwards. rn

rnSchuster says coin jams are a problematic issue for payphone operators around

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