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Colombo YMBA launches English education program for young Buddhist monks


The Colombo YMBA , established in 1898,which is the oldest and largest Buddhist association in existence, gladly announces the launching of  an English education program for young Buddhist monks.

As the first  phase of this program,  around 700 young monks attached to 237 Pirivenas in the Western and the Uwa provinces will be absorbed into this program which will be conducted through the online education system. All necessary arrangements are made  to launch this program on the 9th of November this year.

Speaking on this venture Mr. Mahendra Jayasekera, the General Secretary of the YMBA stated that this program was initiated  with a view to enhancing the English knowledge of the young Buddhist monks which will be conducive in spreading the Buddhist philosophy specially in foreign countries. He further stressed that the English Language was a nifty communicative device and almost an essential tool today in our society, for the progress and  sustenance of intercultural and inter religious cooperation and coexistence.

Speaking further he said that a good knowledge of English  will help the monks  achieve a higher knowledge about global politics and global economic trends in addition to the higher knowledge  they can gather about the Buddhist doctrine. Fluency in the English language  would help them to express their views on current  issues of the society and throw some light of Buddhist wisdom in solving social issues; moreover, the YMBA expects to see a routine change in the monks through this program, he said.

The president of the YMBA, Mr.Maddumage Ariyaratne  stated that enhancing the monks’  knowledge of English is a gesture  of National importance and it would help them interact more successfully with the world outside. He said that as a result of this program it would become possible for Srilanka to cater to the demand of Teravadi Buddhism.

He further mentioned that the YMBA has recognized the potential of developing  Srilanka as an education centre for Therevadi Buddhism, and the YMBA is taking all possible efforts to bring this idea to fruition.

The second phase of this program will be resumed in mid 2022 and the YMBA hopes to spread the program to cover all the  pirivenas in the island, making available the facility for around 4000 monks to learn English through this program.

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