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Commercial Credit enters digital Payment space with Pay&Go

From left to right - MegaPay Director Vardan Aslibekyan and COO of Commercial Credit and Finance PLC, Rajiv Chitty

Heralding its entry into the digital payment space, Commercial Credit and Finance PLC (CCF) recently announced its acquisition of a 19.99% stake in Mega Pay (Pvt.) Ltd., which provides payment services under the Pay&Go brand.

Pay&Go is the first step in Commercial Credit and Finance entering the digital payment space. The partnership with Mega Pay is also expected to encourage other players in the market to use the platform, helping clients adopt a cashless culture and giving them access to financial opportunities that will support their ambitions for investment and growth. 

Commenting on the partnership, MegaPay Director Vardan Aslibekyan said: “We are privileged to partner with CCF, which is a leading financial institution. Our combined experience, market wisdom, and technological advances will revolutionise convenience, security, and innovation. Together, we aim to deliver customer-centric, secure, and innovative products, shaping the future of financial services.”

Given the unprecedented challenges posed by the ongoing economic crisis, CCF, as a company, is committed to guiding their clients during these testing times. The journey into the digital space is more than a strategic move; it is an example of our dedication to ensuring not only client convenience but also uplifting their aspirations.

“We want to grow our consumer base, satisfy changing expectations, and offer cutting-edge services by leveraging digital platforms. By utilizing data analytics and artificial intelligence, we will be able to tailor our services and forge closer bonds with our clients. Working together with our fintech partners, such as Megapay, we will gain access to specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, which will give us a strong position in the digital sphere,” COO of Commercial Credit and Finance PLC, Rajiv Chitty added.

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