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Confused Signals

Top trade chambers say Tuesdays meeting with the PA-JVP alliance has failed to shed any light on how they plan to manage the economy.
The newly formed JVP-PA alliance talked of promoting a mixed economy with a ban on importing unessential goods.
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rnBusinessmen, instead, were left with many pointed questions like progress in a gamut of trade pacts, unanswered.rn

rnMeanwhile, the Joint Business Forum (JBiz) endash the largest organised business front in the country endash is asking for a clear policy statements from all political parties before the April 2 poll. rn

rnThe JBiz wants answers to a gamut of pressing national concerns and is trying to meet the main political parties to get a clear picture of how the different policies will address these concerns.rn

rnTraditionally Sri Lankan voters are given little beyond pretty promises to go on, but this time round - possibly due to election fatigue after three elections in four years endash the people that deal with rupees and cents want a be

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