Cordial Connections

Consultants contracted to draw up a national interconnection framework will present a draft copy of the policy in the first week in December.
In October 2002 the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) picked an Australian based law firm operating out of Hong Kong, to map out a fresh route to interconnect between operators.
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rnSenior industry officials confirmed that a draft national interconnection framework would be ready for perusal by industry stakeholders before a final document is prepared. rn

rnThe interconnection framework will put down rules and specifications for call termination on competitor networks. rn

rnThe document is also expected to outline interconnection policies for international call termination on local networks. rn

rnThis will enable the government to issue more international voice gateway licenses, which were originally due earlier this year. rn

rnInterconnection is a vital tool for the smooth operation between networks. The agreement stipulates how much one

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