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Cosmetic Changes

President Chandrika Kumaratungas United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Party is still struggling to secure a Parliamentary majority but they are already looking at forming a Constituent Assembly within the next two months - to tinker with the Constitution.
ldblquote A date has not been set aside to form a Constituent Assembly but it should be up within the next one or two months, dblquote says Presidents Council Wijedasa Rajapakse, from the UPFA legal advisory panel on constitutional matters.rn

rnThe UPFA intends calling for a Constituent Assembly as soon as it secures a Parliamentary majority of 113 seats.rn

rnThe Assembly - open to all legislators - will decide on whether to introduce a completely new constitution or amend the existing one.rn

rnRajapakse says a new Constitution would be considered, ldblquote if it is possible to resolve the ethnic problem that way, but if not, any change to the Constitution would be in the form of amendments. dblquotern

rnThe amendment route means replacin

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