Cost of Life

Twenty five per cent of Sri Lankan households now have some form of motorized transport up from 15 per cent in 1996. 28 percent have refrigerators, up from 16 per cent.
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Television usage had gone up to 68 per cent.
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The latest consumer finance survey by the Central Bank shows a big jump in living standards around the country.
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rnThese are some of the preliminary finding of the consumer finance survey, which is now being conducted by the Central Bank.rn

rnFor the first time, in more than two decades, the survey is also being conducted in most areas of the north and east.rn

rnldblquote The consumer Finance Survey goes back to 50 years. It was done first in 1953. Earlier it was done every 10 years now it is done every 5 years, dblquote said Anila Dias Bandaranayake, Director, Statistics, Central Bank.

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rnInitial results also show that houses with brick walls had risen to 75 per cent, while cement or tile flooring had increased to 81 per cent from 74.rn

rnHouseholds with electricity have risen to

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